Christopher Corey Allen is a transdisciplinary artist utilizing video, print media, performance, and sculpture to explore ways of existing outside of normative understandings of the subject as bound, contained, and destined for progress.

Utilizing a punk and queer theory optics, CCA cites their work within the speculative body, as a way of understanding ourselves as mentally and physically unfinished.  In this constant flux; messiness, transformation and contradiction test binary systems and rupture representation and identity, allowing for multiple ways of being to emerge.  They are used to explore ways of recontextualizing the body to understand one’s personal mythology, ritual, and the plurality of which in these can exist.

Drawing from bodily anxiety, taboo, and the labor of daily gender performance, their current body of work looks at shapeshifting and passing in social structures, and the social cues and gestures that are rendered acceptable in each structure.

These transformations in embodiment could occur as a form of celebration, out of self preservation, as strategy of being seen//not seen, or out of a desire to belong//not belong.   They are non-linear and consciously ignore permanence.  In the fleeting space of performance, metaphorical camouflauge creates opacity & slippage within representation and identity.