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Christopher Corey Allen (born 1985) is an  transdisciplinary artist working between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Detroit, Michigan.

CCA utilizes the moving image, installation, sculpture, and performance to explore ways of existing outside of a perceived finitude of development— transcending a normative understanding of the subject as bound and contained.  

Utilizing a punk and queer theory optics, CCA cites his work within the speculative body, as a way of understanding ourselves as mentally and physically unfinished.  In this constant flux, messiness and contradiction are where the borders of normativity and binary systems are tested. These contradictions act as beautiful ruptures of representation and identity.  They resist and redefine culturally agreed value through a refusal of perfection, allowing for multiple ways of being to emerge.

Drawing from bodily anxiety, taboo, and the daily performance of gender, CCA creates multifaceted impressions of selfhood that balance humor and delight alongside the complex criticality in his work.  

CCA embraces the idea of failure as a political act.  This embrace empowers us to exist beyond the limits of duality and fixed categorization, in a space where anger can be joyous, pleasure can be loud, dance can be ugly, discomfort is essential, and contradiction is a part of learning.